Friday, December 31, 2010

They said it in 2010

Facebook has a tool you can use to put together status updates in a collage. Well I was able to peruse through most of mine and was reminded of some of the funny things the kids said and thought I would put some of them on here so I don't forget them.

Lincoln had a meltdown at bedtime, he got scared and felt bad for disobeying today and sat up in his bed 'I'm sorry mom' voice quivering. After our emotional little conversation he goes "I think I needa kiss you mom" melt my heart, so I give him a kiss. Slimy. He says "oh mom I think I needa kiss you for my snot." 'Oh a tissue' "Yeah a kishue". Lovely, I got snot kissed and he wasn't even asking for a kiss.

This morning Lincoln came in and was very complimentary...I was laying in bed and he says "mom I really like your hair, I really like your teeth, and I really like your eyebrows they're so...straight!"

On the train at the zoo Lincoln shouts "this is fantastic"

I hear a scream from Hailey and ask Lincoln "what did you just do to her?" 'Oh I think I'm going to tell the truth this time (big adorable smile), I put my foot on her, it's kind of like pinching, but it's different. It's still disobeying, I'm going to say sorry now'

Payden upon having Honey Nut Cheerios for the first time said "those are really yummy Cheerios, I really like really yummy Cheerios"

After Payden left the kitchen for a little while for having a yucky attitude she returned saying "I'm want to be done being whiny and rude". Me, 'Okay'. Lincoln quickly, obviously not listening "ME TOO, I want whiny and rude too" It took Payden explaining it three times before he realized that they weren't eating whiny and rude she was just done acting that way. Everyone was hungry.

Lincoln to the car dealership guy "Do you know who God is? He is our Saviour!"

On our way to camp for the day and we picked up doughnuts, Lincoln yells out "I'm ready for my sugar mom!" At least he's not disillusioned to what he's eating.

Hailey ran over to me and said "your kids are running, can you stop them?"

Payden "my husband is going to have two more babies and then we will have just makes me want to cry I'm so happy" when I stiffled a giggle she looked at me and said "what? That's what grownups do when they have babies right?"

Lady at the grocery store "oh you have your hands full" and before we were out of earshot Payden says with exasperation 'why do people always say that to us?'

Unexpected things I had to say in one day "Please don't lick your skin" and "Get that binky out of your diaper"

I know if you read these when I first posted them they are a repeat but I honestly forgot about a few of them already. So I'm glad I got them down.

New years resolution...writing down more of the things they say! Hopefully if I can stay on top of this blog thing I will bemore likely to do just that!


Winter Youth is over and after big events that Jer leads he usually has a 'I need to be doing something' complex when we get home. So when we found out there was a Duck rally last night I thought, perfect. Low key, engaging, something to do! So we bundled our adorable kids up in their Duck gear and headed out. It was cold. We only lasted there about an hour, just long enough to enter to win tickets to the game (which we didn't win), walk around, play on the freezing play structure and then head over to Panda Express for dinner. When dinner was over the kids wanted a story and of course daddy is the best storyteller around so he obliged. After going around the table to see what each kid wanted to be in the story we had a princess a dinosaur and another princess...shocking I know. Their eyes while they imagine the picture daddy is painting with his words is priceless. And of course I caught the end of it on video. So here you have it!

A couple of things I love about this video? The way Taylor looks at her daddy,and the way she is constantly tempted by his pop. The twinkle in Lincoln's eye. The way Payden nervously twists her hair. How distracted Hailey is... constantly. And last but certainly not least, my most handsome wonderful husband!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Things I Never Thought I'd Say

In all 5+ years I've been a parent now there is a list of strange/funny things that I never thought I would ever say. Today there was another, multiple probably but usually there are too many things going on for me to realize it.
We were in the session at Winter Youth with all four of my kids and Joel Winningham. Let's back up a bit...throughout the day the kids have all made buttons, and I didn't realize it until later that Joel and Lincoln were referring to theirs as transformer buttons. Well in the session tonight after a good 10 minutes of sitting in the chairs (Jer wants everyone sitting in the seats this year instead of lingering in the back) I looked over and they were loudly pressing their buttons and saying "transform to dinosaur" cue signature Joel/Lincoln dinosaur noises. So I quickly hop out of my seat trying to shoo them all out of the ballroom into the back hallway...the whole time the boys being dinosaurs and then when we got into the hallway they pushed their buttons and said 'transform to Lincoln' (or Joel) and then a shudder and they was ready to listen. Then I said with an unsuccessful straight face "It is absolutely not okay to transform into a dinosaur in there". Yeah I lost it...discipline fail!

Lincoln and Joel pre-transformed

Let the transformer button dinosaur transformation begin!

Now just imagine the volume and you can see why I rushed us out of there so fast!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Reset Button

With this crazy life of 4 little kids and trying to live on mission as a family means a lot of things, but right now I'm mainly thinking about the fact that this momma doesn't get much sleep. I can't really blame anyone but myself because there are plenty of nights where I stay up too late whether I'm being productive for the family or simply delaying the morning when I know I will constantly be responding to the needs of the adorable little people in my life. And I wouldn't want it any other way. But some nights I don't want to give up that feeling of freedom. So these last two nights have been extraordinary! Jer and I came out to Winter Youth Saturday night and the kids stayed at Grandma's so this momma has finally gotten some sleep! It truly feels like a reset button. Like I will be able to face the lack of sleep for a good year or so purely based on these last two nights...and I have tonight to add to the luxury. The drawback? I miss those beautiful faces! Those faces I am constantly reminding to love, and speak kindly, and kiss, and apologize, and forgive, and hug, and chuckle with, and cuddle, and learn from, and lavish on, and soak up, and be taken away by, and enter into the imagination with. And now I miss them even more! So here are some glimpses of those faces as I soak up the last good night of uninterrupted sleep I will be blessed with for a long time. And then the nights of blessing of tending and comforting and cleaning will begin again...a totally different kind of blessing, and I love it!

Advent plan...FAIL

I guess the Gladstone Park Conference Center puts on a really awesome Live Nativity for two weekends in December. I say I guess because by the time we got our tickets our non-napped children would not have been able to hang that long. Who would have thought. It started at 5 and we showed up at 5:15, by the time we got through the line to get our tickets it was 6:30 and our assigned time to walk through was 9:15! No way were we going to wait, or try and come back...they had already closed the parking lot because it was full. The kids were disappointed in our choice but we didn't want to put them/us/the people around us through keeping them up to walk through in the rain. So we learned our lesson for next year (seeing as how of course we went on the last night). Someone will go early next year to get the tickets and we'll go at that time with the kids.

Waiting in line, the kids kept talking about how they thought there were animals there because they could smell them.

Twirling/Dragging/Handholding sisters

But they sure do love each other.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Messy But Worth It

Our advent activity for 2 days last week was putting together our 'gingerbread' houses and then decorating them. The kids were super excited and I just let them go for it knowing good and well that more would make it in their mouths than on the houses. But they shared really well and just had a ball.
A glimpse of organized chaos...

I can't get enough of excited Taylor...she is so funny to me lately. And the way Hailey bats her beautiful eyes. And how Payden loves to help and share with everyone. And how Lincoln is grateful for a compliment! I love these kido's and they just crack me up.

The first of many

Who knows how many different programs we will attend as the kids grow up, but this was the first of them all!

The excitement for Payden and Lincoln's Christmas program had been building since pretty much the beginning of the school year. They have been learning their songs at school since day one and as you know they love to put on talent shows so this was very exciting for them. Unfortunately Lincoln got the 24 hour bug that has been going around here and he was sick! Poor guy. When I told him he was going to have to stay home with Grandma Kari and rest he tearfully said 'it's okay mom, Payden said she'd tell me all about the program' broke my heart!

I didn't know how Payden would respond being up in front of an audience because normally she gets anxious or embarrassed when there are people she doesn't know. Well she blew me away. Spot on. She nailed the motions...well most of them. Pretty much lead The Lord's Prayer, her voice was the loudest and quickest pace so everyone was following her. She was simply adorable, and I was so proud!

And now to bombard you with a few video's. She's in the front and center!

I recorded nearly all of it on our video camera but I don't quite know how to get those onto my computer so we're stuck with little clips from my camera.

Changes Everything

We decided to let Payden grow out her hair when she asked because she loved long hair and was always commenting on people with long hair. So it hadn't really been cut in almost 2 years! The rule was if it was long she had to let me brush and fix it whenever it got unruly, and she was always excellent at allowing me to do just that.This beautiful long hair she had wanted it for so long so of course I kept asking her for weeks to make sure she was serious! Finally after probably the 50th time she brought it up and I responded with "are you sure?" she said "mom I wouldn't be asking if I didn't want it short! I know it will be short but I just want it short!" She was kind of exasperated. I just didn't want her to regret it and evidently I got kind of attached to her long hair too! Well she had a fun date/hair cut with daddy a couple weekends ago, and sure enough came home with an adorable new 'do!

It really does change everything about her. She seems so much older. Satisfied with her independence. She loves brushing her hair now and she can pretty much get ready for the day completely on her own. I'm blown away. And did she regret the decision? No way! She's not jealous of anyone elses long hair (which I was concerned about) and proud for Hailey the she has the longest hair out of the kids...although Taylor is making a run for it!

So excited to head out with daddy.

Snip, snip

So happy

There it is

Such a wonderful time!

The hardest part of new

For me one of the absolute hardest parts of moving meant we had to find a new pediatrician. Now I know that Dr. Kosmala is not the only wonderful kid-loving pediatrician out there...far from it, but still it was tragic for me to say goodbye to her as our Dr. and our friend. The friends we moved away from was sad of course but there is a connection we have that will go on and catching up will be effortless when we do, and have gotten to spend time together again...effortless. But Dr. Kosmala has been with us from day one of parenthood and she is wonderful, caring and most importantly cares about our kids on a level deeper than just their health. Well today was the first appointment with our new pediatrician, and she is lovely, and personable and Hailey loved her. Hailey had her 3 year well child check up today and she is just so much fun. Me and her, by ourselves...I want it more. I love this child, she legitimately cracks me up gets me laughing for reals and not just giggling cause she's cute...she is freaking hilarious. And adorable. I found myself wishing I had my video camera out just to remember the slight comically timed facial expressions that flash from hilarious to beautiful in the span of a second. Well I had to get a picture of her in her gown waiting for the Dr cause she was just too much.
And of course she is perfectly healthy! 35lbs (65th percentile) and 38.5 inches tall (75th percentile). After she got her one shot, and didn't cry just looked down startled and slightly offended that she wasn't able to fully enjoy her sucker, we were walking out of the room and she said 'mommy why did that Dr hurt my leg?' Now it sounds sad as I read what I typed but it tickled me so and she wasn't sad, purely curious. I just love this little three year old and that we get to spend time together as two girls running through the freezing parking lot to try and stay warm.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Got it

Well we got the ugly nasty 24 hour bug going around. Not everyone but so far Lincoln and Taylor have been hit hard. Poor Lincoln woke up sick the day of his preschool program and had to miss his first of many Christmas concerts! He was so cute after every round he would wimper and say 'I really don't like throwing up' 'I don't want to do it again'. I know bud nobody wants to ever do it again. And then Taylor got it...the thing I learned right off? Me and Jer? We're a perfect puke cleaning machine, seriously we should hire ourselves out except for that is disgusting and there is no way we would ever do something like that. We're far enough out now that I'm pretty sure everyone else is in the clear but hopefully I wont be eating my words here soon....or something worse!

Fa lalala la lala la la

We went caroling last night with the kids and some friends. Caroling is a weird thing, but we had so much fun! After days of baking and getting lots of treats ready to give away we gathered family and friends together to sing and give to our neighbors. Of course there were people who didn't come to the door even though we're pretty sure they were, in fact, home and a kind neighbor we met at our garage sale gave us a homemade cookie mix to take home, and a middle scholar who was afraid to answer the door cause her parents weren't home even though we could see her. But the people who did come to their doors were grateful and blessed and joyful at the sight of our kid-heavy crew...let's face it, we're always kid-heavy.
The cast and crew of the gifts! I wish I had my camera with me when we went caroling. Lincoln was so adorable standing in the doorway, tin in hand just staring at our neighbors waiting to hand over the goods.

We came home to a chili dinner and an overflow of treats. The tree was lit and beautiful and the company was even more beautiful and delightful. It was one of those nights you think the kids will remember way back in their somewhat fuzzy memories where they got to stay up late with their friends in pj's and the grown-ups were together and the kids got to play away. One of those nights you wish you could bottle up to save for a rainy day. One of those nights that fills you up for a good long time. Life is so sweet!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Three Years Old -Hailey Ann

Happy Birthday to our spunky, beautiful, strong willed, bold, 'Blowhorn', lovely, bright, animated, third born Hailey Ann. We love you and treasure exactly who you were created to be!

From a perfect beautiful baby to a perfectly beautiful young lady

Hailey entered this world at 12:37am on December 17th 2007 after a couple days of laboring at home and many hours in the hospital. A successful VBAC after the twins were born by C-section. I was pretty proud of myself and my 9lb 9oz baby girl. She has grown into a fantastic and entertaining intelligent compassionate little girl.

For months Hailey wanted a Cinderella cake and being the obsessive recipe driven crazy person that I am, I decided it would be fun to make it myself. Well many hours later and we came out with a pretty fun cake!

The grandparents were all able to gather, living in town now makes it so wonderful for gathering and celebrating together.

The sugar cookie spread.

The birthday girl hard at work.

Payden had a hard time saying goodnight to the cookies. She made many cookies for people at the party and only ate one or two herself. I had to teach her to ask someone if they wanted a cookie before just making them. Taylor was the gracious recipient of many of Payden's cookies
and was very upset when she wasn't allowed to have anymore.
One happy creative little girl!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Going back

We went to the Tadmor progressive dinner this year. One of those things I took for granted when we lived up the mountain but quickly realized I would miss greatly until Jer told me we were in fact going! What a delight. Even better was getting to stop by and visit with the Zderad's...a bit of normalcy that I didn't realize the degree to which I missed. The kids played together and we got to chat with our wasn't for long but it sure was a blessing. The dinner was packed and as usual I ate too much...apparently so did Hailey cause she got dramatically sick in the car on the way home. Not exactly the end to a wonderful evening you envision. Well it doesn't start much cuter and delicious that this.
Admiring Dave and Jennifer's train around the tree.

Lincoln wouldn't want to be anywhere else in this moment!

She's gotta be like the big kids.

Hailey cozied up with Sarah.

And of course enjoying a spot in Jennifer's lap while she can.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


For the first time we are going through and Advent calendar. And easy way to get excited about celebrating the birth of our Saviour and looking forward to His coming again. The kids get to take turns taking a magnet down everyday and reveal what fun thing we get to do as a family. So far we've read the Story of Jesus' birth from the Jesus Storybook Bible, watched Rudolph, made marshmallows, got our tree, decorated and slept out in the living room. It already feels like we've been living in this season of expectancy instead of letting it sweep us away.

Thoroughly enjoying hot chocolate and homemade mallows. Who knew the floor could be so comfortable?

Sleepy boy!
Can't wait to continue the celebration!

Monday, December 6, 2010

The 2010 Tree Hunt

Well we had to find a new place to get a tree this year, it figures that Albany is too far to drive to get a tree when we now live in Portland. And sure enough there are tree farms galore in the area. So we chose a farm where we could cut our own tree and that wouldn't break the bank since Jer wanted to get a big tree for our big front room. Figures that the day the weather was dry and gorgeous was Civil War. So we went for it all ducked out and everything.
Payden is always caring for Taylor, and care she needed poor thing walked straight into a piney nobley branch. Everything is so much bigger when you're small.Hailey very uncharacteristically wanted to be carried and kept tripping and falling, okay the clumsiness is pretty spot on, but her neediness was very very strange. So she got comfy on daddy's shoulders till it was time for him to get to work.
We found the one!Oooooo, I love how Taylor is watching Jer in the first shot...And joining right in on the second. She just wants to be one of the big kids. My sweet baby girl growing up so fast!One happy momma, let me tell you.
Freezing little ducklings waiting for daddy to come back with the car. All in all it was a success. I think next year we may try and find a more familiar kind of farm that we're used to, one where we can maybe linger a little bit more, but for this year we got what we needed and had a fun little outing. Although Jer is already thinking ahead for next year...adding 4 more feet to the vision...hmmmm Griswolds anyone?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Groceries to your door?

All this without leaving the house for $8.24! I can't believe it!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Rite Aid savings 2

After rebates and coupons and everything this cost me $1.98!