Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Treasures

The pastor at Gracepointe got up and spoke a little at the beginning of the kids program yesterday and while he was talking he mentioned how the kids standing up on stage are our greatest treasures and as they were singing their songs and reciting verses I was blown away at how God is going to use my treasures and what the grand plan He has called them to will look like. We pray for them specifically in how they were created and during one song in particular I was struck so deeply at how these precious gifts are already glorifying God and what exciting things He has planned for them. I didn't get the first part of the song on this video but the combination of them singing and the power and truth of what they were proclaiming was so overwhelming I sat there and just cried. The verses of the song go like this.

Before I was born God was watching from above He paid close attention cause I was formed with love, he knew just how special I'd turn out to be cause
God has a plan for little old me

God has a plan for my life
I just can't wait to see what's in store for me, cause God has a plan for my life.

It's easy for me to feel guilty as I stay at home with my kids, the frustrations that come up trying to complete daily tasks, the lack of sleep, or a beautiful wardrobe, or having complete conversations with people on the phone, or losing my temper over spilled cereal, the burden that it can feel like in my times of selfishness can weigh on me. But the reminder of what my job really is and the impact that my kids are already having on me is so encouraging, my sin is revealed and I have the opportunity to turn from that and cling to the truth and realize I am truly blessed at the role I have been entrusted by the Lord.

Friday, June 10, 2011

First and Last

Here are my preschooler's on the first day of school...

And again on the last day of preschool...

Payden getting her medal and certificate...

And Lincoln's medal and certificate!

Video's to come soon...too much to do right now!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Taylor 'Reading'

Taylor decided to read a book one day all by herself and if you can't tell, bad guys were the focus of the story apparently. And learning Hailey's name has lead to a conveniently blamable person.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Big Thunder Mt. Commercial

This just makes me happy! I don't know if you can see Lincoln's face very much but he was committed to keeping his hands up the whole time and his face and scream went from pure joy to pure terror and back and forth the entire ride. When the coaster pulled back up to the station Lincoln shouted "I could scream all day" I was smiling the entire ride, this is what memories are made of.

Where did this little guy go?

I got a little distracted uploading pictures and video's tonight and stumbled upon this little cutie. Seriously where did this little guy go? This was about a month before Hailey was born so they were 26 months old here...slow down life! I can't handle how cute he is, and still love's learning the technical words for whatever category of life or hobby is into.

Random Picture's from my phone for the last month or so

Hailey was taking a pretend picture of her Taylor doll that she dressed up and had ready to send off to school all while taking her baby on a walk...weird I know, but they were excited! And I had to snap a picture for myself.

I had told the kids it was time for bed and Taylor walked up to Lincoln and said 'hoed and' cause she just wanted to hold her brothers hand...little cutie.

Twins are good for teeter totters! Granted there is a size difference they figured it out.

Picking leaves while waiting for Payden and Lincoln to get out of preschool.

Breakfast? Hailey tried to get breakfast for everybody before I had the chance. If you can't tell there are marshmallows dried mango's and Hershey's kisses...creative but I'm not sold

I went to a coupon get together and when I went to check on the kids after a few minutes I discovered Lincoln had found nearly every little dinosaur and lined them up in a row

Just me and my baby

Date Nite

Jer and I got to go on a date the other night. I'm sorry just let me say that again...I got to go on a date with my hubby!!!!! While it wasn't a hugely planned out thing, it was delightful! Amy and Chris watched the kiddo's and I had got a deal on movie tickets from living social for $2 that was going to expire, even though there weren't any movies out that we were dying to see we ended up sticking with Disney and going to see the 4th Pirates movie
and we had a great time! I popped some popcorn (that I got for free with coupons), and smuggled in ice water and a can of Coke Zero for my honey and he had no idea! Our whole date cost two dollars and twenty cents, the most expensive thing was driving there.
But it totally felt like we were dating again, because it was hot outside, we had the windows down and we were in our -new to us- old car. Now the plan for after the movie was to go shopping to find some shirts for Jer but Old Navy closed at 7 so we headed over to Portland State for Jer's final basketball game. He joined up with a bunch of friends/people from church in a coed league and they are known as Bad Shoots! Get it? Bad Shoots from Good Roots? Well they ended up winning their last game and we had a great time. A little post game dinner stop with Callie, Justin and baby Liam and off to relieve the sitters. We arrived home and all the kids were sound asleep. Overall I realized all over again how much I cherish the time together with my love. I feel blessed to have the partner in life with all the hard/fun/exhausting/exciting/sweet/challenging things we've lived through, he's a keeper and I just love him to pieces!


I haven't been able to blog for a while because of computer problems and while I'm getting some posts up now I don't have pictures from my camera so all we have are what I capture on my phone. Here are some pictures from Easter...

Our little family after the kids hunted for eggs at Grandpa Kevin and Grandma Kari's. Uncle Michael hid some of the eggs too good and Grandma recovered by putting together a couple of last minute finds and saved the day. It was really sweet too because Uncle Michael knew how much Lincoln doesn't love to get dirty, or wet. Well the grass, as it usually is in Oregon springtime was wet so a lot of the eggs were hidden on the edge where he wouldn't have to go into the dreaded wet grass. Taylor however...just went for it. We've come up with a new name for her...Bonsai or as Jer likes to call her Kamikaze! She just sprints around and will slam into anybody.

Trying to get a good shot and Lincoln just wanted to dance.

My four cuties

And he quite literally used the shovel to gather the eggs.