Monday, July 30, 2012

Payden's Eye Surgery

Our sweet Payden. Eye surgery has come and gone. It was by all measures, a success the muscles were moved ever so slightly and she is able to keep them straight without her glasses, although she has moments, and still needs them for vision. Her eye Dr. was referred to us by the kids pediatrician in Lebanon, I don't know if any pediatrician can come close to being as good as her, I just love and miss her tons. But Dr. Wheeler has been great in the world of eyes. Neither Jer or I have ever needed glasses so this has come with a lot of learning.
Happy girl at 6 in the morning on our way to the hospital, she was told the hardest part would be that she couldn't eat anything til after surgery. We made sure Tiigee was along for the adventure and he was very well received!

Hanging out in the waiting room watching some cartoons.

Still so happy, they gave her some 'magic' medicine to help with anxiety and so she wouldn't remember the preliminary stuff in the surgery room.

Which made for a very funny Payden. Just watch and you'll see. She kept wanting to sit up and I tried to encourage her to lay back and rest and possible fall asleep, but she was too fascinated with the effects on her. I love that she still tries to communicate all the way through and she doesn't stop til she says words correctly.

After surgery she was not feeling so great. Coming out of anesthesia was rough on her and all she wanted to do was watch Megamind in her room because they told her that was an option once surgery was over. But the poor thing was so nauseous that it wasn't the best idea.

She finally fell asleep on the ride home. I rode next to her all the way home sure that she was going to get sick, but she didn't. Once we were home Jer took a load of stuff into the house, and I waited with Payden, then I took a load in and as I naturally do tried to grab as much stuff in one trip as possible. Including pillows, towels, and blankets all the necessary set up for our recovering girl. As Jer carried Payden in that's when it happened, my arms full of stuff at the top of the stairs, his full of Payden, Tiigee, and her new puppy dog from the hospital at the bottom. I was little help. And he added another story to the getting puked on file...poor guy. Payden felt awful and kept talking about how she was sad that she threw up on daddy.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Water Tornado

I'm in a bit of a predicament. My computer keeps telling me my disk space is critically low, and in turn wont let me upload any of my photo's. So the hold up is, I am waiting to get an external hard drive to store our memories on, and they're quite spendy, and we re budgeted so I need to save and wait out a good sale! In the mean time, my pictures are stuck on my camera and my phone, and let's face it, I love pictures and pictures are a big part of the stories. And now for a story without my own pictures.

So Lincoln has a new obsession. I realized it a few weeks ago, but his intensity is getting quite comical...when isn't it really? He's realized that when the water drains from the bathtub a tornado forms, and HE. MUST. WATCH. TORNADO! It's painful for him if I try and rush the evacuation of the bathtub, because he wants to watch with a front row seat till the water's gone. Last night I forced the issue and then had to just give up because he was rubbernecking like crazy while I tried to floss his teeth, and he didn't even realize it.

I'll just say it, there is something mesmerizing about the water tornado. I think it will just motivate me to do this little project with him soon!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sunday Mornings

I don't know what Sunday mornings are like in your house but this is a pretty accurate view to ours...

It doesn't start out this way. Nope. One sweet, fresh faced, morning breath, three year old usually snuggles her way in between me and Jer and has us oogling over how it's possible for so much cuteness to be contained in one little body. Then a bright eyed four year old joins the already full bed, but it seems to work, they try to sweet talk us into getting up and making breakfast. With their powers combined it almost works, then one or two six year olds come in, more feisty than you'd expect, cause they feel like they're missing out on a party. So they try and turn it into that, and usually a wrestling match ensues...full of typical giggles, squeals, master plans, screams, and sometimes cries. I know one morning will come and I'll realize there are no longer tiny morning ambushers all around and I will miss this.