Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Backpacks and Friends

I didn't realize that Hailey's first day of preschool has yet to be documented on the blog so here it is...

Standing in the spot...
What's funny about the whole picture thing is on Hailey's second day of school she got her backpack on and asked me if I was ready to take her picture, I had to explain we don't do that every day, just the first.

Hailey and Skylar

Skylar, Addy, and Hailey on their first day of pre-school.

Just for fun here is them all as babies...
Hailey, Addy, Skylar

Birthday Celebration pt. 2

Sometimes it's embarrassing how much God can bless you. I felt like that the other day. The plan...a circus party. The invitations were sent...

The cake got made...

And cleaned up...

The decorations were bought and my brain hadn't stopped working for weeks, dreaming, planning, and crafting.

Then we got a call from Dave Bertz that we were all able to go to the actual Circus on, get this, the day of the party! So the schedule, church in the morning, circus at 1 and circus party at 5...I was feeling a little overwhelmed at how everyone would handle the excitement, and the busy festivities with school the next day.

Oh and the way we got to see the circus? Unbeatable!
We were in a suite that had it's own bathroom, food and drinks, and binoculars on every seat! I was blown away!

Seriously? We get to do this?

The spread...

Some pretty young lady who has no idea how blessed she is!

Living it up!

Enjoying this crazy life together!

I hadn't been to the circus in a long time...it was amazing!

Grandpa Roy has taken Payden and Lincoln to the Circus the past two years and it was so fun getting to experience it together.

'The greatest show on earth' as Lincoln calls it, not realizing he does so because they meant for it to happen that way. So 'The greatest show on earth' ended and we went to finish setting up for the party that Lincoln conveniently started calling 'the greatest party on earth' :) He was so cute watching me work on stuff at home, he'd randomly give me a big hug and say 'mom you are so cerative' and yes he says cerative.
As usual I didn't quite take the amount of pictures I wanted to, but here are the basics...

The sweets table

The popcorn station

The hot dog and food station

Butterfly face girl who had been to the...

face painting station, and you can see some of the games behind the crew of kids

Butterflied Hailey

The Bounce house

The time has come

Cutting the cake

Ooooo the big reveal

So pretty!

I didn't get a picture of the whole room which kind of makes me sad, I had also painted a ticket booth that the kids passed tickets out to people as they came in and they used the tickets to play the games and bounce and popcorn and face painting. I also put together a photo booth with props and Toby took pictures at it for us. I'm working on a little project with them so for now, her is little Tay Tay the clown... 

I'd say it was quite the celebration...and I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Birthday Celebration pt 1.

The Birthday Kids!
Since the kids are in afternoon Kindergarten I decided to make the morning a little special since they did add another year to their life! It started with pancakes for breakfast, P, L and 6 pancakes to be exact! And Jer had the genius idea to have them be dunkers so I didn't have to cut them up. 

What could it be?

A couple new games for our little game lovers :) Yeah they're definitely my kids!

Home from school with their birthday goodies

We ended up having a little family dinner where Grandma Tammi, Cody (for a little bit), my mom, dad, Grandma (who just moved here from Kentucky), and Markie came over for dinner and a few presents.
One of my favorite things was getting to eat our first big meal on our new table!!! It's the little things right?

Jer made Grandpa's delicious salmon!
And it was a huge hit!

I am absolutely loving that my Grandma is here for these celebrations...everything seems so right!

I loved this picture of every ones faces

Oh yeah

One happy girl!

And then the gift that was weird to wrap...

Yeah...we might potentially win America's Funniest Home Video's...I just have to keep the camera rolling.

Let the adventures begin!

Look at the joy on that face

So stinking happy!

They look so much alike right here!

My four adventure seekers!

And this picture gives me more grey hair every time I look at it...I can see them in high school all too easily!

Okay there may be more grey hair because of this picture! Such a happy little girl!

I caught him looking at himself in the mirror, talking to himself about how amazing his muscles are! He is seriously so funny!

If you haven't heard we threw a circus party on Sunday and I have yet to start working on that post so stay tuned...