Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

He is risen, and boy, what a celebration it was!
Jer set up a cross and the kids (ultimately the parents) decorated with streamers to celebrate that Christ is no longer dead!
Amanda brought her camera to church and took pictures of all of the families that were interested in having an Easter picture!
What a gift!

It is amazing when the family of God gathers together to celebrate! There was a group of us that memorized Romans 8 and we did a group presentation during service, and I sang a song that has been like our anthem this Easter season. Here it is...listen and enjoy and then just keep listening, it's seriously amazing!
I can't get enough of their music, so much of their stuff is straight from The Word, and it is beautiful!

After celebrating with our church family we headed over to Jer's Aunt & Uncle's house where we ate lunch and the kids got to hunt for eggs.

Snuggling my baby, cause a sunny day of celebration is quite exhausting!
Then came an unexpected treasure. Their pool is quite the home for a multitude of frogs and the kids were captivated!

Lincoln was quite hilarious, one particularly exciting frog capture, everyone heard him exclaim "mamma mia!" He is too much! The girls kept a cautious distance...
"I'm the best frog catcher there is"

A sweet respite!

And then Hailey got into it!
This next picture is perfect to me! Catching Payden with her guard down, or I should say not completely composed,  is sometimes difficult, but here she was having so much fun and then the moment of terror/excitement when the frog started jumping!
And this little beauty?...
She fascinates me...
And captivates me...

I bet she'll do some really bold things for the kingdom...they all will!

Happy Easter