Sunday, March 20, 2011

Brothers and Sisters

The kids are processing so much more lately. Last night Payden was having a very serious discussion on the Trinity with Jer, yeah, the Trinity! And when he would try to restate what she was saying she goes "dad you are just making me really mad because you keep saying something that is different than what I'm saying and it's making me really mad because that's not what I mean or am trying to say!" She's trying to understand something that I believe to be true but even I don't fully understand. The Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, God in three persons. And last night she was saying that Jesus is God and that is why we can't see him, not because He's in Heaven sitting next to anybody, he is God and we can't see God so that is why we can't see him. I am amazed at her ability to communicate even when she's getting worked up. So when Jer would restate what she was saying he would speak to her the truth of what the Bible says and she would get frustrated because the idea of God being three persons but one God is confusing to her, I'll be honest it's confusing to me too at times, but I believe it and trust in that truth.

Well in all of the talk about Father God last night the kids were talking about it on our way to our church meeting this morning. As we pulled into the parking lot I heard Lincoln say to Payden, "so mommy is daddy's sister then...right?" I turned off the radio to ask some clarifying questions because I didn't know where this was coming from. I didn't know if they were in the back of the car trying to figure out how they could marry each other (a conversation we used to have with them all the time) or if this was a whole different beast. "What are you talking about Lincoln", he said 'Oh we were just talking about how if God is our father and we are His children then we are all brothers and sisters, even you guys, right?' As I was getting out of the car I remembered how I went through a phase when I was little where I would say to everyone 'you're my sister (or brother) in God's way, and answered him "Yep Lincoln you are sure right" As I opened the car door to let the kids out he was already at the door, as usual, with his knees bent hand held high and yelled enthusiastically looking straight at me "HIGH FIVE SISTAH"! I burst into giggles because it was so stinking cute and I think I embarrassed him with my outburst. Payden who picks up on everything knew that this was a story worth telling (or blogging about) and ran into church telling anyone who would listen and by the time I got in the doors everyone knew what had just happened. Man these kids it's too much sometimes, I wish that I had a camera on them all the time because even though I have a good memory there is only so much I can recount. But I sure do love them and I'm so thankful that Jer and I get to teach them and hear their hearts and understand how beautiful and differently they were created, and that our Father loves us so much I want for other people to know His love so badly, and that we get to journey through it all together. We are blessed, I love my brothers and sisters!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Taylor Jo, affectionately known as Tay-Tay, baby girl, cutie, Jo-Jo (that's new but she thinks it's funny) and today Ms. Independent/Opinionated! I picked out a cute little pink t-shirt and her carhart overalls for her to wear today and after I put her shirt on she took two steps away and gave me the silliest little pout face like I had eaten ice cream in front of her without sharing or something, I had royally offended her. Then she ran out of the room sans carharts. So I went about getting the rest of the crew ready and set to leave the house when I ran into her in the hallway saying 'shirt mommy' holding a different shirt in her hands and jean capri's on the floor behind her...little missy had a different idea of what to wear today! I caved on the shirt, and when we changed it the look on her face was such pride! I love the carharts and there is too much rain outside for capri's to be a valid choice but she was happy to oblige because she at least got to pick out her shirt...funny girl. My baby needs to slow down though, I'm not ready for her to be a big kid yet!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Black Friday?

I've crossed over into some sort of official couponer realm...I've been dumpster diving, I've called an order in a week ahead of a sale, I've bragged about multiple trips and savings, Jer teased me at the Children's Museum and said that Hailey was being just like me lining up her purchases from the play grocery store and taking pictures of her finds, and this morning on the day we already loose an hour of sleep, I was at Rite Aid when it opened at 7 (really felt like 6) just to score this deal! Was it Black Friday? No. Was I the only person in the store? Nope...there were plenty other lovely couponing companions. One very kind gal pointed out the Body Heat packages that were on sale for a dollar with a .50 off coupon attached to the box! The cashiers were cheerful and it was so much less anxiety inducing than going in the middle of the afternoon. I got all of the things in this picture for a grand total of $2.19! If you want to see the nitty gritty of it all scroll on down, if you don't care just know that I'm 'one of those' now, not that I'll show up on any extreme couponing show or anything, I'm just pretty serious about my coupons. Next thing you know you'll see me hitting the yard sales this summer!

I did two transactions the first was:
(2) Pine-Sol 28oz $4
(2) Clorox toilet bowl cleaner 24 oz $4
(1) Tilex Mold & Mildew $2
(3) Dixie Plate Products $5.91
(1) ThermaCare $6.99
(4) Little Fevers $15.96
(1) Clean & Clear Face Wash $5.99

Subtotal: $44.85 Now for the fun part
- (2) $1/1 Pine-Sol
- (2) .75/1 Clorox
- $1/1 Tilex
- $5/3 Dixie Plates Rite Aid Video Value Coupon
- $3/1 Thermacare
stacked with $1/1 Thermacare Rite Aid in add coupon
- (4) $1/1 Little Remedies
- $2/1 Clean & Clear
stacked with $2/1 Clean & Clear Rite Aid in add coupon
- $20 in UP rewards

So I paid $3.35 out of pocket and got $18 in UP rewards back!

Transaction #2
(2)Nivea Chapstick Lipcare $2
(2)Halls Cough Drops $2
(1) Gain Dish Soap $.88
(2) Neosporin $7.98
(2) Band-aid $3.98
(6)Bodi Heat 4pack $6

Subtotal $22.84
- $3 off $15 coupon from a previous receipt
- $2/2 Nivea
- (2) .50/1 Halls
stacked with (2) .50/1 Halls Rite Aid Video Values
- 1/1 Gain
- (2) 1.50/2 Neosporin AND Band-aid product
stacked with .50/1 Neosporin or Band-aid Rite Aid Video Value
and $1.50/2 Neosporin AND Band-aid Rite Aid Video Value
- (6) .50/1 Bodi Heat pealies on the box!
- $6 in UP rewards
This one ended up being .84 out of pocket and I got $3 more UP rewards!
And I'm getting $2 back in a rebate!

Sorry if that was really boring or really confusing, I got really excited about laying it all out! The thing that inspired the early morning trip was really that the cold medicine for the kids was on sale and I had to spend the $20UP rewards before they expired next week. Last time there was an item that ended up being free with coupons and rewards they were already sold out when we stopped by on our way to church and since we were out of medicine I knew I would be getting some anyway, free would just be the best price. Same goes for the Band-aids, we were out and those things are like strips of magic for our sweet little clumsy accident prone children. The rest was just bonus. I sure do love couponing!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Daddy Obsessed

Taylor is obsessed with Jer lately. I love how infatuated she is with him, it melts my heart. She was my only child who preferred me for an extended period of time. Don't get me wrong I know my kids love me, they are just really well adjusted and love daddy, grandma's, grandpa's, aunts, uncles, friends, nursery workers, but Taylor is my baby and until recently she wanted me over all others and honestly, I loved it! She still does at some points but now, for the most part, daddy is where it's at.

For example, if he leaves the house for any reason she is wishing she was with him so badly she'll just wander around (after putting on her own shoes) saying 'dadda, dadda, dadda' over and over again! Last Saturday I got her up from her nap and Jer was out running errands with the three big kids and she did her wandering thing for a bit and then I realized I hadn't seen her for a few minutes so I go searching. I find her like this...
Saying ever so quietly 'daaaaaddaaa, daaaaaddaaa, daaaaaddaaa' and when I got her down to cuddle she squirmed away to climb back up to her perch to keep her watch out. Sweet girl loves her daddy!  

Field Trip

The kids had their first official field trip a couple weeks ago to the Children's Museum. So we have officially been to the Children's Museum now, I can't believe we'd never visited before. The little girls and I got to go too, it was so much fun. They offer free admission on the first Friday of the month from 4-8 and we went back and enjoyed ourselves along with the Winningham family and Jer got to join us.
Here are some pictures from the field trip...
This is the best picture I got of Taylor all day long
Snack time
Their class
I still can't believe I didn't get a picture of her facing the camera...I kid you not nearly every picture I had from the day she is running away from me or out of the picture...this girl was loving life as a big kid and so focused on all the activities!
Oh wait there's Taylor in the reflection going to town on her makeup!
Pure bliss!
Caped crusaders!
It is safe to say a great time was had by all. The highlight? Painting their own faces for sure. They weren't even tempted when I offered my creative services to turn them into an animal or anything, they fact that they could put all that stage makeup on themselves was pretty much the best thing ever!

Windy Beach

Thursday we got to spend the day with Jer at the beach and we tried our luck walking down to the sand to attempt flying kites, there was plenty of wind so one would assume that meant it would be great to fly some kites. Turns out, there is such thing as too much wind, those poor kites almost got destroyed. And Hailey Taylor and I had to stay up at the turnaround because the gusts were whipping the sand around and it blasted the little girls in the eyes, Payden and Lincoln figured out how to handle it the short time we were out. Then Hailey decided to try and make her way to daddy...poor thing was determined! She had her hood pulled down in front of her face and made it nearly half way then lost her bearings and had to retreat.

Then we gave up and headed to the carousel. As soon as we started walking from the sand the rain started DUMPING on us...luckily there was some construction going on and we had a cover to walk under then we darted into the arcade to wait out the worst of it.
The kids enjoyed the ride-on cars except for Taylor we quickly found out she has a fear of the cars once they start moving...she wanted nothing to do with the ridiculous things. Her facial expressions kill me, she has this insta-pout that clearly communicates how offended she is when we tell her no about something, or she isn't enjoying whatever activity is taking place.
The carousel got ridden and then we went back to the hotel for some promised swimming. Based on how much they enjoyed themselves I am already excited about the swimming that will take place this summer! Taylor and I went back to the room so she could nap and then the big kids and daddy swam until we had to pack up and check out. We went up to Gearhart and drove out on the beach, the kids thought that was quite crazy and adventurous of us...meanwhile I was having an anxiety attack...who knew. I love stuff like that but with all of our precious children in the car I was sure a sneaker wave was going to come up and sweep us all away. We had dinner with a friend that we hadn't seen in a really long time and then headed home.

It was a strange feeling the next day after we heard about the earthquake in Japan and the Tsunami warning on the Oregon coast knowing we were driving on the very beach that was being evacuated not 12 hours later. My anxiety might not have been all that unwarranted after all! That being said, the images from Japan, the catastrophe, destruction and devastation are heartbreaking and we pray for the grieving families, and the wounded. I was glued to the TV watching all morning just completely burdened and blown away. I feel inadequate because I don't know what to do, but I know the One who does and only He can truly comfort in times like this.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Cookie idea!

I made cookies tonight for the first time in a while. I've made lots of other goodies, but basic chocolate chip cookies have gone by the wayside and Jer loves chocolate chip cookies so tonight I got to it. After a little while he came into the kitchen to see what I was up to and came up with a brilliant idea.

This is what it was...
(I apologize for the pictures, they are a far cry from the Pioneer Woman's beauties)
Can you guess what's going on with those cookies?

What a treat...oh you better believe that shadow is from some cookies made the normal way.

Chocolate chip cookie, meet my friend the Oreo!
Yeah, my husband is a genius! And the review you may ask? It was tasty for sure, the Oreo added a different flavor and made for a wonderful complex version of a classic. I tapped out after the one, it was filling, and if forced to choose I'll be sticking with the basics but we enjoyed our special treat!

Didn't happen

I had such big hopes of catching up on the blog while we were away at Seaside this week and that, obviously, didn't happen! Neither did pictures while we were there. Man I'm on a I plan to fix here over the weekend.

Life has been full. Not full in a, can't find another polite way to complain about it kind of way, full in a really good, fantastic, exhausting, exciting, connected, emotional, running full steam, missional, four little kids, getting to know our neighbors, scheduling in intentional rest, realize my husband is out of clean underwear, setting an alarm even when I don't have a deadline to wake up for, being a one car family kind of way. We have been praying about how to get to know our neighbors and man God answers the prayers of his people when they ask to be used by Him.

Maybe that explains my lack of posts, maybe not. It's overwhelming sometimes when I think about all that there is to do. Sooo here I go...