Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rainy Errands

So while it's been over a year since I said I would keep a blog, I only have that first entry. I should have known. Even from when I logged in and typed these first two sentences, I've already had to get up twice and wipe two rear ends calling for me from the toilet. Sigh.

I think I might have to be slightly insane to do the things I do sometimes. Yesterday, in the midst of pouring down rain, I decide it is completely necessary to go run errands. Costco, Target and Safeway. With all 4 kids. What possesses me to do these things...I have no idea. As we pull in the parking lot of Costco I start talking up our adventure and how we have to be a team to make this work. How much is it to ask for a dry cart, and for a child to not freak out when their jeans get wet? It's amazing how on board they all were. I have some troopers for sure, because I for one was not thrilled that my pants got wet up to my calf just walking in to Costco.

Costco, Rock stars! They did awesome. Of course right when we started shopping Payden informs me she has to go potty. I book it through the store, grabbing all the stuff we need since we already had unpurchesed merchandise in the cart and I wasn't about to take 4 kids to the bathroom with no cart! We buy our things and start heading to the door when Lincoln goes 'mom you forgot to take us to the bathroom' Thank you Lincoln you may have just saved our shopping day! I can't tell you how much easier it is having children that can go to the bathroom without needing help for every single step. They still need minor assistance with wiping and such, but it's good.

Target, success! Payden is always the helper so when I knocked a shirt off of the rack we were walking by and didn't plan on picking it up she ran back and goes 'MOM YOU KNOCKED THIS DOWN'. Thanks Payden, Thanks. She loves to help and I love that about her, even when I'm not feeling super helpful myself.

Safeway, helpful kids. Keeping with the helpful, go team plan we set in place at the beginning of the errands Lincoln was the one this time that wanted to unload groceries and put them on the conveyor belt and then put the bags in the cart, and then in the car.

By the time we got home every ones pants were rolled up average of 3 times, and we looked quite stylish in our high waters, but we wore it appropriately because there was indeed high water.

My insanity paid off on this trip. Happy helpful children doing things that take 4 times longer than if I was able to do them on my own. I wouldn't trade it. Living life with these beautiful little people is so fun. Crazy? yes, Maddening sometimes? yes, Embarrassing at times? yep, but so worth it.