Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First Tooth Lost!

Yep, Lincoln lost his first tooth and he is so excited he hasn't been able to fall asleep yet!

About a month ago our dear son went to bite a corndog and accidentally bit the stick and ever since then his tooth has been really loose. And then yesterday Linc was eating a frozen yogurt with lunch and he started crying and told me that he couldn't eat anything hard! So we didn't push it. Then tonight he was playing with the other kids and all of a sudden he nervously exclaimed "hey my loose tooth fell out! It was just sideways and it's right here" I could almost see his heart pounding...and he was too nervous to close his mouth because he could already tell it felt weird. Oh he got SO excited, and also weirded out because there was still blood where the root was. Here is his reaction after a minute or so...

This kid kills me. I told him yesterday that every time a baby tooth falls out he gets closer to becoming a man, and he keeps talking about that. And then tonight without even talking he climbed in bed and prayed:

Dear God,
Thank you for blessing me with being a growing into a man and for my first lost tooth! I'm just so excited and thank you. Amen, Oh and thank you for creating me to swim under water without my arm floaties...Amen (that's another blog post)

So the tooth is safely under his pillow and he is trying to stay awake till daddy gets home even though he wont be home till really late. The tooth fairy is visiting our house for the first time, and the kids know that it's mommy and daddy but Lincoln still has this sweet twinkle in his eye and I've already caught him in bed looking at his tooth with the pillow pulled back and talking to himself, but I can't quite hear what he's saying...it just feels like this is all happening so fast all of a sudden!