Monday, August 29, 2011

Stinky drive

I was looking through old videos that I have uploaded to youtube and realized this little gem never got posted. While we were on our trip to see Kyle graduate the kids, especially Hailey. noticed whenever  we drove near some cows. It was hilarious because Hailey was convinced that Taylor had pooped or someone had farted because the smell was so bad. So what did I do? Tried to capture the moment on video of course...what did you expect?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

7 Years Ago

On August 28th 2004 I married the love of my life! We celebrated by going to see Les Miserables earlier this month and it was amazing! I love musicals and often times wish that my real life was one and this one was particularly amazing. The story, the music, the talent, the was just lovely. Jer was at Sons of Thunder all weekend and I was at Sunriver with the girls and Grandma Tammi so I think some relaxing is in order and then Jer is on vacation for a a week. There aren't any plans except to be together and get stuff done around the house that we've been too busy to get to. I sure do love this guy though and he is my most favorite person to be around! Happy Anniversary to my love!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cutest little couponer

One of the reason's finding time to coupon can be challenging!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Girl Time

This summer as Jer has been leading Son's of Thunder up at Tadmor he's been able to take Lincoln along and those guys have had a great time. There is another one this weekend at Elkanah and yesterday when we were in the car Linc 'I'm going to Sons of Thunder with dad it's where dad's teach their kids, teach their boys to be men, it's where I, it's where I learn to be, to be, learn how to be a man' (sometimes he stumbles over his words and he gets distracted, that is a direct quote to give you a glimpse to what listening to his stories can be like).
While Lincoln's been carving his walking stick the girls and I are getting some rare time alone together and I decided to embrace it more than ever. The way I like to shop, lets see I should start over, when I HAVE to shop I go in get what I need and get out, it's a very direct process. So when the girls and I were at Payden's eye appointment and realized there wasn't anything else on the agenda I decided to go to the mall, I was feeling crazy! As we pulled into the parking garage Payden asked if we could park on the top floor because we weren't in any sort of hurry it sounded like a fun idea. It was a hit! And kind of creepy with every turn we went up and there were no cars after about the 2nd  floor and I suddenly realized this is why the scary stuff always happens in parking garages because they are quite deserted. Well needless to say it was a really cool view and they loved being up so high, and getting to ride the elevator down.
Once in the mall we went and enjoyed the kids play area for a while...

Lately Payden either tries to hide because she doesn't want her picture taken or...

Poses like crazy! Mommy threw in a curve ball and let everyone have their own quarter to pick out candy from the always attractive candy machine

After walking around the whole thing everyone decided what they wanted. Payden settled on Mike n Ike's

Hailey couldn't stop moving with excitement after she picked Runts

And Taylor wanted Reese's Pieces

The 'I'm only smiling cause you said I had to before I get to eat my candy' smile

Ummm, I didn't know that you could get only the banana's from runts, these are hands down my favorite little treat but runts are never worth it because there are so many that aren't my favorite, so when I saw this was an option I joined in on the excitement!

Back to the car we go

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Just Like His Dad

If you know Jer at all then you are well aware that one of his favorite things to do, as far as rest goes, is hot tub. Not just the casual way that most people do...a half hour here, 45 minutes there, the Jer way to hot tub is hours, and hours and hours. Whether it's first thing in the morning, or late at night I've never met anyone that can stay in a hot tub as long as my dear husband. Well if you haven't noticed Lincoln is a little bit like his dad, and actually it's kind of creepy at times how similar they are. So the other day when Lincoln didn't even entertain the idea of getting out of the kiddie pool (water was heated by the sun, so it's the closest thing we have to a hot tub) I wasn't all that surprised and Jer, who was home for lunch, was beaming. I kid you not this kid stayed there until I made him get out...he even made his own bubbles, and no not in the way you might be thinking.

Nothing like a random really loud Oregon cheerleader to ruin the mood ;)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rainbow Excitement

Few things delight my children more than rainbows. Whether it's a little one that shows up on the ground from the sunshine through a window, or a big one in the sky the reaction is pretty much the same and it's a little something like this...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My favorite age!

Now that is not in any way to be confused with a favorite child because as all parents know, that just isn't possible. But Taylor is at my favorite age. She is learning to talk more and more every day, she's a little parrot, has a sense of humor, is pretty much like a miniature version of the big kids and it is so stinking cute! One of my favorite things is the way she brushes her hair out of her face, it's like she uses her whole hand to do it even for the tiniest strand. She has the sweetest little voice (that she can actually use quite loudly) and without prompting says thank you often...she's a little doll. And she's recently gotten into growling because she thinks it's funny. Oh and the laugh with her hand covering her mouth. Those are some of my favorite things about her at this age. Here she is the other morning we were practicing animal sounds and I just don't want to forget what this sweet little voice sounds like.

4th of July in the culdesac

Last year as we were driving out of the neighborhood to watch some fireworks at Bilquist  we realized that our entire neighborhood was sitting at the end of their driveways doing fireworks of their own and we wanted to be a part of that. So we had a party and stayed home only to migrate to the back deck once it was really dark and watched as everyone else was doing all the illegal fireworks

It was quite the collective little party

Here is a little video of some of the enjoyment that went on. I just love the enthusiasm that my kids have towards fireworks. Taylor was so funny she covered her ears all the time because the loud noises were too much for her. Speaking of loud noises, if you have a baby sleeping near you while you watch this you might want to turn the volume down...

A new found love for the sprinkler

A quick note before this little entry, I have been working on some old posts that are dated with the day I started working on them so if you haven't seen them yet (I think most of them were in May) take a quick look back and you'll find some new posts.

Ever since the kids have gotten better at swimming the whole 'my eye's are getting wet this is no fun' thing is a non issue and they have fallen in love with running through the sprinkler! It is now fun and not at all intimidating.