Friday, May 27, 2011

Rockin' Out In The Car

I hadn't listened to any of my music in the car for a while, the radio and even my cd's are a little bit frustrating because Payden wants to know what everything means so we tend to not listen to much of our favorite stations and with all the kids in the car we actually don't listen to much music at all, which is weird for me. So one day I popped in one of my Glee cd's and the kids loved it...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Getting to See the Nighttime Sky

The drive home from California went really well...for a while. We left Kyle and Gina's just before dinner time and made it to one of the last In n Out's before the kids would fall asleep and those wonderful burgers would no longer be an option for us. Well after the kids were all changed into pj's and snuggled into their seats they got to watch more movies and around 11 I turned it all off to get the only remaining awake children (Payden and Lincoln) to sleep. And it worked. 

Until about 2 in the morning. The uncomfortableness of sleeping while sitting up finally started getting to them and they reluctantly started waking up. So we let them start watching movies to distract from the restlessness. Payden especially was loving getting to be awake at such a weird time and all being together and watching movies, she exclaimed with delight "I love getting to see the nighttime sky" and Lincoln's response was "yeah, I didn't know this is what it looked like in the middle of the night".

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Free Scoop Day

 A few weeks ago Ben & Jerry's had a free scoop day and the kids and I went and enjoyed ourselves. The closest one to us was at the mall and so I grabbed our two umbrella strollers and we headed out. Needless to say it was a success...Payden and Lincoln pushed Hailey and Taylor and we got quite the stares and comments about child labor, people think they're so clever sometimes, I would too if it was the only time I was hearing some things.

Trying to bribe a smile out of them knowing the ice cream was coming was a little much for Hailey.

Ta da
But how can you not be excited about free ice cream?


Such a was a great little outing.

Friday, May 6, 2011

At Least It Was Free

Yep, toothpaste on the bathroom floor...sigh

How to spend eighteen cents!

I was excited to get some more couponing in this week. Sticking to the budget has been really freeing but I loose a lot of the fun at the end of the month when different categories are out of money so I was finally able to get in a few great couponing trips yesterday. First off I went to Rite Aid and got this...
For $.09! Then I got this...
for another $.09!
And I left with more +UP rewards than I went in with! And as a special treat I ran into Callie while there so we finished up our transactions and went next door to Albertsons to pick up our Crispix that finally came in from last month. So my 22 boxes have been added to our cereal stockpile! She also shared some of her coupons with me so I could make the most of my trip to Safeway and that is where I got this...
and saved 100%, that's right my total for all 4 juices and two jellies was $0.00! It's safe to say I was giddy when I got home and played the ever famous 'guess how much I got all this for' game with Jer. I'm lucky that he loves coupons as much, scratch that, MORE than I do.