Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My little ham's...I don't know where they get it from!

Basically this is just to say...he cracks me up. This may have been the 7th time I asked him to do it for me because I thought it was so funny, but it just goes to show that they are the perfect children for me because he gladly obliged! Sometimes they catch me off guard and I die laughing.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Without Realizing

I was putting the kids to bed the other night and Taylor was very distraught. Her binkie was cracked on the side and obviously didn't want it, nor would I let her have it. She kept asking for her pink one and that moment seemed like as good as any to be done with the things. So I pulled her into my room to have a little pep talk and give her an encouraging speech. She wasn't interested. Very upset. Until...I made her broken binkie start talking, it looked like where the smile is on a goldfish cracker.
 She lit up after that. Smiled and talked back to her binkie saying 'ok' when asked if she could be a big girl. Binkie also informed her that his cousin 'pink one' had to go help other babies fall asleep and since Taylor is a big girl starting to use the toilet and everything she didn't need her friends. She gave him a sweet kiss and threw him away with a pitiful 'bye bye'. Well we ended up talking about it a little bit longer, I was slowly realizing my babies are not so much babies anymore and we ended up downstairs. This was our conversation after she used the toilet before bed...she zips her own jammies and everything sheesh! Also for translating purposes dum=gum, looking back she was quite clear but if you don't speak Taylor she is saying 'me have dum, me ha me ha me have me have dum, piece of dum in your pocket, dum'

And without realizing it, she grew up a little bit more, right before my eyes. I wasn't even planning on it, and she went and did it anyway...sigh

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sticky Doorknobs and Everyday Grace

When Hailey was born I joined an online group of Christian mommies on the website Babycenter. Since then the group has grown and then settled in to about 20 or so. I don't regularly interact with the group but we're friends on facebook and they are lovely. One of the gals is having her 4th baby, today most likely. She has a son Hailey's age, a daughter just about Taylor's age, a one year old daughter and the fourth baby, a Elizabeth Grace is most likely making her debut today.

Leah's story is an amazing one. Profoundly difficult. At her 20 week ultrasound with baby Elizabeth was diagnosed with Anecephaly and is not expected to live long after birth. Leah's started her blog when they learned the diagnosis and I have been captivated with praying for her and her family ever since.
Sticky Doorknobs and Everyday Grace is her blog...could that title be any more perfect? She is going to the hospital right now to be induced, her due date was I pray!