Saturday, August 11, 2012

Naughty Grandma!

While the boys are gone at Tadmor for Son's of Thunder the girls and I stayed at my parents house for a few reasons, the main one is, it's creepy being the only grown up in my house and a secondary one while it's warm the air conditioning is super nice! Oh and I get some blogging done ;)
While Amy and I were up chatting in the living room I could hear the two big girls playing for longer than I should have let go on and then the door shut. Then my phone started getting messages.
This one confused Amy, me too for that matter. I thought I left Payden's glasses upstairs, and Amy thought someone was playing with Photoshop and that there were two Payden's in the picture.  
We realized it was grandma's glasses... 
And the crazy level was rising...
And then more props were brought in... 
That's when I got scared. I don't know if you can see it but my mom eyes recognize the schemery in Hailey's eyes and I told Amy 'does mom realize they're about to get in trouble?' "Nope she sure doesn't"
As I got to the living room doorway my mom met me giggling. "Do NOT get them in trouble, I told them I was going to get in trouble, send me upstairs you can't get after them it was my fault" she said giggling she could barely talk.
So I went in to find them fake sleeping and said very seriously "you guys that was not funny, I sent grandma upstairs to her room right after I spanked her" their eyes shot open and before Payden believed me for a second 'No you didn't, you're just teasing'. 
Needless to say they didn't really get in trouble, but they were asleep within 10 minutes.
 It was all just so familiar, every night was like a slumber party growing up. Amy and I shared a room from when I was almost 2(she was 2.5 months)-19

Mr & Mrs Smith

Markie is married! Sure it happened on the hottest day of the year, at least it wasn't raining, right? Yeah I still think it was perfect. Everything was absolutely beautiful!
All  four kids were in the wedding, Jer officiated, and their outfits were picked out long ago, I just decided to wait to iron them until the most scorching part of the day when I could have been swimming with the rest of my family. One of these day's I'll learn that procrastination doesn't pay off...or not.
We waited for pictures in our air conditioned car as long as possible...and you can see why!
The Bride and Groom with their nieces and nephew.

 Yay for our new sister!
Jer's reminder to look down during the kiss so he's not looking silly in the background of their pictures. 
Original Smith girls!
The fam, full of professional picture takers, little ham's and distracted ones. 
Amy Chris and baby!!!!

I got the next four picture's from here
The ceremony was at The Rose Garden at North Clackamas Park at 7:30pm

The kids did perfect. They got right up to where the chairs start and Taylor started giggling and they all got caught up in it and joined right on it. It was so sweet. 
Some of their friends sang and did a beautiful job.
The kids were mesmerized, especially Taylor.
Payden and Lincoln kind of started it but they are all in this stage where 'you may kiss the bride' sends them into nervous hysterics, eyes covered, burring their faces in their chairs, squealing, exclaiming 'I can't watch this', yeah that's not embarrassing at all...subtle kids, subtle. (Good job following your notes honey)

The reception was at Kirsten's church she grew up at, and again she did a great job, brown paper covered the tables and later there were crayons placed on the tables for doodling.
Kirsten's dad built the flower boxes and Kirsten planted them in the spring. They were growing in her backyard 'til last Saturday.
Mark and Kirsten aren't big fan's of cake so they did an ice cream bar instead and it had everything, the little Schumacher's thoroughly enjoyed their treat, let's face it, so did the big Schumacher's!

The kids got to take picture's during the reception and actually got some pretty good shots. The rest of these are straight from the eyes of my kido's! Lincoln was one of the guys all night long.

Markie was sweet and didn't shove cake all over her face, I was very proud! Also, if you can't tell he's holding the piece they cut with no plate and  they put the slice back in the cake after they were done, it was pretty funny.

I can't get over how grown up both Payden and Lincoln look in these pictures. 

So excited she's their Aunt now! 
Payden's doodle illustrating her and Aunt Kirsten
Hailey loved the bridesmaids, especially Kirsten't best friend Machaela!


I still can't believe my brother is married! The rehearsal went smoothly and it was super hot. The hottest weekend in a while and whooey did we feel it. The dinner part was at our house so it was super nice that everyone could cool off in the pool.
Mark walking my parents down the aisle.
Here comes the beautiful bride. My dad said 'Kirsten, Amy said you'd be wearing a cute dress' and she goes  "you should see the one tomorrow". She always looks so darling!
Lincoln had the very important job of baring the rings, and then stood up with the guys for a little bit.
The girls just LOVED Amanda, Kirsten's sister.
Not official yet
Taylor was in the heat zone.

I just love this crew!