Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fantastic Vacation Photo Recap...

Alright, here they are, and I apologize for the mass quantity of photo's. I'm a picture girl. I love them, can't take enough, and believe me, I didn't post all of my pictures...but I represented our trip pretty accurately. I even got them to the point where they are in nearly chronological order...thus I will let them do the talking, for the most part!
Our Saturday started out in a blurry haze with two bright eyed girls creeping into our room already dressed and bouncing with excitement, honestly? I don't think I stopped smiling till we hit Ashland.
First we had Lincoln's last soccer game, and Jer had an event he was doing in Gladstone which meant we didn't get here...
Til a little after 2:30pm
But we were pumped!

And it stayed that way for a lot of the forward to Sunday afternoon and we made it!
 And finally so did Ben, Missy, Bailey, Logan & Cooper!

Exploring Downtown Disney

 Because we went in the off season the parks opened later and closed earlier, which meant no fireworks, and no Fantasmic. We were okay with it because our hotel had a rooftop viewing area and Jer pulled up the youtube clip that had the music and it was a great cap to our Disneyday Eve!
 One, two, three, four, five, six, seven...I tell you it was like counting campers...times a million. Every post blink I felt like I had to count the children, luckily so did everyone else...and we never had a problem...except now I'm not fond of the number 7!
 Can I just say? It was magical!
 Even Taylor walking like this was heart melting...
Then we ran into Minnie with virtually no line! And my kids weren't mute freaks! They laughed! And hugged her! And she kissed their noses! And they all stood where you could see them in a picture! Like I said, Magical!
Peter Pan had to be the first ride, and it was. My children are just as obsessed with Peter as ever, should I be concerned that their longest running obsession is with a boy who comes through their window at night? And doesn't like grown ups?...

It's fun having friends there with you to capture moments you would have missed!
Each kid carried their own backpack with water bottle, Lunchables, a bunch of snacks and their sweatshirt. We were stroller-less, diaper-less, and accident free, everyone was able to control their bodily functions till we were at a convenient was lovely!
 Heading over to Indiana Jones we ran into, none other than, Peter Pan! This is where Payden pulled out a card she made for him on our drive down. She made about 5 more for her favorite characters but he was the only one we saw in the flesh. He was headed back to Neverland but asked Payden if he should read it now or save it for later. She let him choose, and the magic just happened. We were giggling little school girls...all of us and I'm pretty sure Payden stopped breathing.
Another favorite picture of mine, it was a couple days later when I heard Payden recaping this moment to someone when I heard her say, "and I don't know who's hand was on my shoulder, maybe my mom or my dad" so when I showed her this picture she freaked out, "it was Peter Pan!!!" You can tell from the look on her face that is what she was hoping for.
 Our first run down Splash Mountain. Taylor loved it, except for the getting drenched part, and Hailey dispite  her face in the picture begged to go again. She insisted the reason she got so upset is because she didn't think I was on the ride with her.
 Big kids getting ready to go on Indiana Jones.

 Bailey was in love with Taylor, she kept telling me how cute she is!
 Toon Town girl

 Gahhh, I can't even handle it!

 Let me just say, Taylor was usually the first one with her hands up in the air!

They were made to just let each other know they are not alone in this world. Crazy kids right here!
 She wanted to be carried but not smile for a picture

 Something else funny happens at Disneyland, when a parade comes through all pretenses are gone, and my kids loose their minds seeing so many of their favorite characters.
One more trip down the Mountain that Splashes...they were begging for it!
So we bought this priceless picture!
And because the park closed at 8 we called in Pizza Hut and we met in the lobby once we got back to the hotel...
 And woke up to watch cartoons with friends.

 And master shoulder rides
 And swim and nap (for 2 and a half hours) and swim some more.

 And wake up to Mickey pancakes

 Bailey let us know "my dad always makes Mickey pancakes when we go to Disneyland", and you know what? I think that your childhood is pretty great when you can say that sentence!
 Checking out of the hotel

Hurry up and wait
 Photo bombing Logan while Lincoln is feeling pretty old getting to go on the Toy Story ride by himself!
 Payden kept saying "it was so fun getting to go on rides alone with my best friend"

 Jer and I took Lincoln and Bailey, the only kids tall enough, on the roller coaster.

 Swinging gondola's, they first swing took everyone by surprise...

Meanwhile in Missy's cage...
 Grizzly River Girls raft.

And Grizzly River boy's raft.

 Family raft

Tower of Terror, we're not scared of you!
Okay maybe they were a little scared...filling in the back row. 

Bug eyes are



 Meanwhile the way the fastpasses worked out, Taylor Jo, my baby, ended up riding the Tower of Terror 4 times, and loved it!
 Our much anticipated visit to Cars land, this was the longest line we waited in but I think it only ended up being about 45 min, and the kids ate through the whole line.

The guys debating something important, I'm sure. 
 Here we go...

 The Brown's behind us.

I already want to go back!

 Clapping games...pretty classic.
 There were lots of threats of no food if the children didn't smile for pictures...there, now you know the secret ;)

 Photo bomber
Saying "hi" to James and Amanda
while chatting once the kido's went to sleep.
 Two Pea's in a crazy pod!

 Apparently when it's sunny in San Diego you can go to the beach in just a swimsuit...who knew?
 Cool structure in Coronado.
 They ate good today ;)
Some guy building cool castles. I'm glad my children didn't expect something this intricate when they started building.
 Playing in the ocean, that was actually pretty chilly. And actually the weather cooled off the whole time we were at the water...
But they didn't mind

One seriously happy kid!
They were going on a burgle hunt
 Time to leave came and all the classic stall/hide in your friends house/

/pretend like your one of the kids and buckle up like you're supposed to be there and hope no one notices tricks came out. 
 The boys stopped debating long enough to smile for a picture
We pretended like it wasn't real
 and pouted...
 And made ourselves feel better with In-N-Out


And finally we thought we'd abused our van enough.


JER said...

SOOOOOOOOOO......Fun. Lets go again. Thanks for documenting everything.

April said...

What an AMAZING recap. I seriously loved reading your play by play and seeing all the expressions and details in the pictures. I wish I could hear all your funny stories in person. And hear them from your kiddos too....especially the "hand on the shoulder" story from Payden. That was too much.

So glad you had a wonderful trip Heather. And one where they carried their own backpacks and was accident free? That's golden right there.

Love you friend!